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Our Inbox has been flooded with requests for help since we opened. You asked, we answered by creating this comprehensive, step-by-step ebook.

When we started Float Seattle we had no idea how huge floating would become, we just knew there was a wave building, and our 9-5 jobs wouldn’t get us out in front of it. So we decided to take a risk, pool our cash and try to open a place that blew people away. By all accounts we succeeded… 


We worked hard to develop a simple, repeatable formula for Glowing Yelp Reviews, Massive Groupon Sales, and Hundreds of Satisfied Members.

But it wasn’t always easy…At first, we made almost every mistake in the book.


Buying the Wrong Tanks which resulted in 2 floods, costly midnight repairs (the only time we weren’t open), and more than a dozen upset customers.

Wasting Months with the Health Department on what could have been 2 quick pieces of paperwork and a site inspection.

Advertising that didnt deliver. We spent thousands upon thousands on advertising that didn’t work because we didnt know how to track and optimize the results.

These simple mistakes cost us
6 months and close to $100,000.


Then people started emailing us with their problems. It started as a slow trickle. Everything from broken pumps to waterproofing and noise issues that dozens of other float studios were having. We would send back detailed schematics, photos and explanations, but it was draining. 

As our popularity grew, more and more people reached out for help until finally, we couldn’t keep up anymore.

We decided to create a guide to help people navigate the costly mistakes that almost every new studio makes.


What’s Included?

We made every mistake in the book so you dont have to.
Now we’ve put exactly what you need to know into this beautiful guide…

How to Find the Perfect Location and Negotiate a Great Lease.

When choosing a location there’s a lot to think about. Great foot traffic, reasonable lease terms and having a space that will wow your guests all need to be balanced to create the perfect storefront.

Permitting and Construction.

This step can seem daunting for first timers, the key thing to remember is there’s a whole industry full of people who do this every day. Knowing how to find a good architect will help with design and filing permits plus save you a ton of headaches. Add a great general contractor and things start to come together quickly.

Designing the Look and Feel.

You know how important the “Vibe” or flow of the space is, odds are you already have some ideas in mind. Here we suggest some of the materials and finishes that have helped us give our space soul without costing an arm and a leg.

Tank Buying, Chemistry and Maintenence.

This is one of the biggest areas where people make costly mistakes. Choosing the right type and number of tanks is critical for success. We do our best to break down the essential elements you should look for.

Hiring, Payroll, and Scheduling

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Learn our formula for finding, hiring and retaining the best talent. We provide our favorite resources for simplifying things like employee taxes and payroll.

I cannot speak highly enough about Float Seattle. I’ve only floated a handful of times and I’m already starting to feel my body completely open up. And my mind has never seen my personal life’s intent so clearly. Add a little extra pep to your step and depth to your soul and go FLOAT (Seattle!).

-David C. Seattle, WA

Unbeatable Bonuses

Actual Financials

For the first time ever we’re releasing some of our closely guarded financials to give you real world numbers on what’s possible for your Float Studio.

Float Tank Buying Guide.

The first unbiased, essential guide to the Pros and Cons of our 5 favorite Float Tanks, where to buy them, and how to save money doing it!

The Silence System: 13 Sound Deadening Secrets

We spent over $20,000 on various soundproofing materials, through trial and error we determined the best practices for dropping ambient noise to almost zero and cutting customer noise complaints by 90%.


The Do-it-Yourselfer

If you love to get your hands dirty in order to save money, this ebook is for you.

The Practical 9-5'er

Looking for a sensible way to make great money doing something you love? You've come to the right place.

The Dreamer.

Have big dreams but feel like you aren't making progress? Let this book be your guide.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and start something you care about, there’s no better resource than the Float Studio Ebook. Period.

Can I actually do this?

Hell Yea! We were just two regular guys in our 20’s without a ton of money or outside help. If we did it, so can you!

What is the Hardest part about starting a Float Studio?

In our experience, the hardest part is actually getting started. The second is finding a way to make progress every day. It’s easy to get discouraged when you can’t yet see the results of all your effort. Your dream will be realized, but only if you maintain focus and take action.

What kind of tanks should I avoid buying?

Questions like this are why we finally took the time to create a Float Tank Buying guide based on our experience. It’s included in the bonuses for free!

Why should I buy the book?

It will save you time and money. The goal is to accelerate your learning and save you close to $50,000 worth of mistakes, lost time, and missed opportunities. If we don’t save you more than the price of the book, simply return it for a full refund within 30 days.

How many studios have you guys helped get started?

Literally dozens. In fact, we got so busy we stopped answering emails for over 3 months to get this book done!

We offer a 30 day, ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee You Keep It

The purpose of this Ebook is to get you started, help develop a plan, and save thousands by avoiding the costly mistakes that 95% of new studios make. If you feel we didnt live up to our promise, just let us know and we’ll give your money back without hassling you!

Float Studio Ebook
$499 $359

This offer is limited to the next 6 people

Ebook Instant Download +

-Full Financials
-Sound Deadening Secrets
-Float Tank Buying Guide


Float Studio is very well written, looked great and had beautiful aesthetics. This book is essential for anybody who is getting into the space. I think it is priced right…You could have even charged more.

Blake G
Digital Strategist

You guys take a very complicated subject and break it down into simple, manageable steps. The Ebook has become my field guide. Thanks guys!

Sandra M.
Fargo, ND

Float Studio Ebook
$499 $359

This offer is limited to the next 6 people

Ebook Instant Download +

-Full Financials
-Sound Deadening Secrets
-Float Tank Buying Guide