Learn a Little about Float Seattle…

Learn a Little about Float Seattle…


Our Inbox has been flooded with requests since we opened. You asked, We answered by Creating this comprehensive, Step-by-Step Ebook.

When we started Float Seattle we had no idea how huge floating would become, we just knew there was a wave building, and our 9-5 jobs wouldn’t get us out in front of it. So we decided to take a risk, pool our cash and try to open a place that blew people away. By all accounts we succeeded. 


We worked hard to develop a simple, repeatable formula for Glowing Yelp ReviewsMassive Groupon Sales, and Hundreds of Satisfied Members

Now we’re giving it to you.We want floating to spread far and wide, in order to make that happen, the industry needs strong, knowledgeable operators to give people life-changing experiences. The more people who know about floating and have a good experience, the more money for us all.